4 TIPS for Your Internet Marketing Journey in the Philippines

Is it essential to know a thing or two about marketing your products or services through the internet, especially in the Philippines? Is this still a question nowadays? It shouldn’t be. Because, of course, it’s essential.

Here’s a tip: the internet is a sure way to get your name and business in front of so many people.

If you lack the skill to navigate your way through the internet, it’s not a problem. From time to time, experts in the industry give out free tips and bits of advice, learn from them. Seek for their insights.  Have the know-how for your journey through the digital world.

Starting a business, e.g., a convenience store or a coffee shop is not a bad idea. But you have to stand out if you want to compete with big brands. Did you think from day one, customers will come rushing their way to buy your stuff? That might be close to impossible. Clinging to dear hope with crossed fingers is not enough.

Your business will not be sustainable or practical without advertising it. Don’t think what we’re discussing here is about the conventional way of advertising; this post is not about that.

What you need is a way to have a massive reach with a minimal amount of time and money to spend.

That method is internet marketing; building your business online and establishing its presence to gain a considerable number of audiences. If you don’t have the slightest idea of what I am talking about, then you are not even close to your potential.

NOTE: Since we are on the topic, this means all the work that you’ll do for your business will be online. Make sure that the internet provider of your choice will not give you headaches in the long run. So, find the most reliable network in your area, okay?

Though it may seem like diving into unfamiliar waters, I know for sure it’s not that scary.

The tips that JuanNomad reveals apply to anyone with the capacity to understand and have the right learning attitude. That means anyone, either someone who wants to level up his thriving business or just a regular Juan who wants to make a living online, can benefit from this.

Good thing we have these few simple truths below. Remind yourself with these tips before venturing out to the world of internet marketing.

Know the Basics

foundational basics

Teach yourself the basics of internet marketing before jumping into it. The first thing you can do is get some publications about the subject and learn all about it through reading. If you have some money lying around that you can spare for a consultation with a professional, much better. You can sign up for a meeting; it is always a good idea.

The best practice you can do is to search for the right knowledge from the right sources without breaking your piggy bank. Doing so will surely make you understand the benefits of internet marketing and why it can be so useful for boosting any business enterprise.

Check out my post about the 5 Shocking Truths that you need to know before your internet marketing journey in the Philippines. It will be a big help.

I remember one of Bruce Lee’s concept to acquire new information. He said, “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless.” In the process of learning anything, his theorem proves to be right. Which brings us to the next tip:

Learn Anywhere You Can

lots of ways to access information about internet marketing in the philippines

Beginning with zero knowledge on specific topics is natural. That’s always our starting point. But it should not be a discouraging factor for anyone. We have several ways to assimilate things through any means possible, as long as we have the interest in doing it and eagerness to achieve a worthwhile goal.

There are many books and journals on this topic that you can read. I know for some, reading could be a bit boring. But it is one of the many, not to mention the cheapest way to learn. The more time you commit learning it, the more likely you are closer to success in your quest.

If you can’t do this daily, set schedules to study weekly. At least make it your quality time researching and absorbing all you can learn about internet marketing. There shouldn’t be any excuses.

Nowadays, some colleges host classes on this subject. They will thoroughly explain why it is an essential aspect of any business. You can also find a brief program about it through small business associations, probably near your local area.

You can also find lots of in-depth courses online that will help you more on the subject, and specifically to your needs.

Some are free, instantly available for consumption. While some are premium course-sessions that you can access for a fee — these types of curriculum are usually the ones that propel anyone to success.

One of the best sources of real knowledge is from someone who works with it every day — the ones who talk the talk and walk the walk.

If you know anyone in this industry with excellent reputations, reach out to them whenever you can. If they offer one-on-one coaching, book an appointment. Take advantage to ask them questions regarding on how internet marketing became so useful for them and how you might translate those results to your own business.

If they offer courses, grab the chance to sign up for a membership. Getting into internet marketing is like charging into battle; it’s better to have a few tools at hand than keeping yourself empty-handed and fail miserably.

Gaining knowledge from someone who has hands-on experience is essential. You will avoid the pitfalls that you might face, especially when you are just starting in this industry.

I know for some, it will be a challenging task to find a mentor that genuinely has an interest in helping others. But you still have to be smart in sifting through the internet. You can’t afford to be blinded by someone with science. The next tip will help you with that.

Avoiding the Fake Gurus of Internet Marketing

caricature of a shark representing the fake guro of internet marketing in the philippines.

I feel like I have to include this tip inside this post, especially for the ones who are yet to start their business online.

The Sanskrit word Guru, if we analyze its real meaning, isn’t a bad word at all. It means more than a teacher, leader, or mentor, more than what most of us know it in English. This person is some sort of a guiding light, more spiritual, more inspirational, and more knowledgeable of life itself as we know it.

In modern times, the word became synonymous with the “masters of the internet or digital marketing.”

It’s not a big deal if someone is portraying a guru image, as long as that someone is legitimately a master of his or her craft.

Now, we will address the problem with fake gurus and what are the signals to spot so we can avoid them.

When you search for real knowledge on the internet, sometimes you will stumble upon these people.

These gurus usually postulate that they have gotten their so-called achievements for a short time, going overboard by brandishing a rented sports car in their garage. Further, showing you a screen capture of an exceeding amount of money that you can never even have the possibility of holding it, even in your dreams.

But wait! There’s more! They will promise you the earth and sky overnight, covertly forcing you to follow the methods they claim to know at face value. And they will try to make you drool over their shiny offerings while promising to “teach” all their knowledge so you, too, can achieve the same.

And here comes the catch! Get ready to reach down deep in your pockets because you can only have what it promises if you pay for a ridiculously excessive amount of so and so. I know you get the picture. Beware, my friend.

Other types are the ones who hide under the title of a coach.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are authentic coaches, and the practice has become prevalent today. But there will always be the crappy ones. They will pop out like mushrooms here and there. They will try to sell programs and assert to follow their lead with crappy advice like “fake it till you make it.” Believe it or not, some people of such push this idea under a premium-priced course. That spells danger to me.

Nobody will stop you if you choose to adhere to their inputs. Following such may lift your business from the ground at some point, it’s workable. Just don’t get caught faking.

If you catch the eye of those people whose sole job is to discredit and humiliate fakers and believe me, there are lots of them; you are in trouble. Remember that we are in the digital era. Netizens are always active. If they felt deceived, brewing a problem for you will not be a big deal for them. It will surely harm your reputation and your business’ success. It’s better to have some business etiquette, keep it clean at the very start of your career.

So much for the ifs in this tip, it’s just that JuanNomad wants you to be aware of the possibilities.

If you come across such gurus/coaches and something feels fictitious, do a diligent investigation about their track records. Avoid them if you can to protect yourself and your purse while studying internet marketing.

Gary Vee (not the Filipino singer Gary V.) disses the phonies. If you plan to go the path of entrepreneurship, especially on the internet, you should know him by now. The guy is famous!

I will borrow what he usually says about the topic with a mixture of mine:

It’s better to tell everyone that you’re on the journey of being successful rather than deceiving others that you are already a success; that’s a nobler way to say it.

The goal of making a quick buck out of others is not a worthwhile thing to pursue.

Peeking at Your Competition’s Game

a cat. peeking through someone's internet marketing plan in the philippines

No business in the world exists today that doesn’t have any competition. In this aspect, your competitors’ marketing campaigns may be worth studying.

Find as many marketing strategies of the businesses similar to yours. Sure enough, you’ll pick up nuggets of good ideas on how they are using internet marketing. Take some time to examine it; know its strengths and weaknesses.

You may ask, “why is my competition’s game plan essential to mine?” The answer to this is simple. If businesses are on a continuous growth path, they must be doing something right.

Study and copy their strategy and make improvements according to your own business’ needs.

Whereas with the failing ones, you’ll be able to avoid the traps they have encountered and get some insights on what not to do — seemingly giving you the ability of foresight of the things to come. It could save yourself from troubles that your business might face.

To Conclude

Following these simple tips lessens the losses that your business might face. Over time, the resources you spent growing it will not be in vain.

By this time, you know that there are different avenues in which you can learn a lot about internet marketing. The tips I handed you are just the basics. But for the ones who are just starting their journey, I hope that this will serve as a guide on your first baby steps.

Once you gained the knowledge, apply it. It will take some time for your business to take flight, but patience and consistency is the key. Soon enough, you will notice increased traffic and sales if you’re selling something, of course. Eventually, you will find yourself happily ahead of the competition.

Now, do you see why your business’ presence online is essential? Do not take the idea lightly.

Now you know. Without internet marketing, you will become one among the thousands and thousands of other businesses that lose their ways out there. Prove your spunk if you want to survive in the online world.

Knowledge is power, but I say, “applied knowledge is real power.” Now is the time, find yourself some excellent resources and get to learning the stuff.

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