one light bulb lights up among other dud bulbs

Initially, this website is about reaching out and helping most OFWs around the globe to know about internet marketing and how it can help them.

Yet, the author has thought of overhauling this page hoping to reach out to more of his fellow Juans, regardless if they are OFWs or not. And so he did.

But he argued with himself, should he start with an intro of him telling sobbing stories that will instantly establish a connection to make the readers more emotional, so hopefully, they will read until the last word from this page?

Shall he share facts that he, being a typical overseas worker for 13 years, is once a classic Gen-X bachelor who went back home without significant savings?

Should he also tell you now that being a former OFW, he is just like any regular guys you knew?—Has had a hard time transitioning from once being employed with expected pay to venturing out the vast space of online entrepreneurship.

I guess he has to withhold that information from you. 😁

He is not a guru, and he wishes not to be tagged as one.

But being schooled through Hard Knocks University, he gained all the insights needed for successfully building blogging websites and eCom stores. He wants to share the same for those who aspire to have an entrepreneurial career.

What’s with the site’s name?

JuanNomad.com is the author’s brainchild.

To all Pinoy and Pinoy at heart, we are Juans scattered around the world!

But for most of us, we are not just mere travelers.

We travel in search of green pastures.

Now, why Nomad?

herd of sheep outside snowy grounds
Look at these splendid herds of sheep!

What do these woolly critters and Juans have in common?

Like them, we are Nomads not by nature but because we need to; we have to. We’re always on the move.

We’re always at the lookout for much greener pastures.

We’re driven to become Nomads because of necessities.

What is JuanNomad.com’s mission?

Back then, every internet marketer wants to make money out of everybody. Most straightforward information is scarce. And if you find one, you have to pay for it. You will never know who is legit and who are the scammers until you cash-in. It’s hard to see your money “burn” if you fall victim to swindlers.

Now that we’re in the new norm, many people are shifting their attention to the internet space. This website is here to help with that. It intends to give newbies an extra hand by providing quality insights needed for venturing out. JuanNomad hasn’t deviated from its path since the day of its inception, and it will stay that way.

JuanNomad will help in paving your way to accomplishments, freedom, and whatnots. But will you accept the mission to change? The decision is still yours.

Be mindful of yourself and your loved ones. Who knows, this could be the site where you will find your way to the greenest pasture ever!