Most Filipinos aren’t even aware of the internet’s full potential. What they understand about it is that it’s just a humongous source of information, like a giant encyclopedia. And some would only see it as a fast way to communicate with other people. They cannot understand that it’s more than just that. They didn’t know that there is such a thing called internet marketing that could benefit (if not all) a significant amount of the Philippines’ population.

I’m one of those who were in the dark when the internet was barely starting its rise. The information about it was scarce. The only people that I know talking about the internet’s usefulness was the network marketers who took advantage of its emergence. Armed with VOIP devices and pre-built websites, they push that as their products.

I know for sure that there were a handful of people who discovered the internet’s true capability back then. Though there is a probability that they didn’t want to share any knowledge they have with the public. You can’t blame them for doing so since they could have had fears that they might create competition for themselves.

But to give them the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible too that there’s just no means to share the things they know.

Today, there’s a vast amount of internet marketing products accessible online and offline. Getting information is available in both free and paid courses. Because of this vastness, you’ll find things both of value and rubbish.

There are simple to complicated methods and systems that can undoubtedly teach people the know-how on making money. To digital tools and software that help speed up the process. Sure enough, products like these and the tips from “experts” that you might pick up down the road can help with your needs to achieve success on your journey.

But before anything else, you’ve got to be cautious. With digital and info products, as we know them collectively nowadays, sift through everything meticulously.

Seriously, some people online will play on other people’s needs to make a quick buck. A great sales page doesn’t always translate into a superb product. We have to be leery of not becoming victims ourselves.

In other cases, the problem lies in impulse buying. You’ve got to be aware of this tendency and regulate it. You might end up buying something that isn’t a good fit for you.

If you have difficulty in deciding whether to invest in these types of products, then contemplate the following tips in mind.

Who Authored It?

Who authored the work?

Back then, and still am now, to think I can do marketing through the internet fascinates me. When I came to realize its potential, I studied this method and wondered how I could implement it with no hassles.

But like any other humans, I’m not failure-proof. I had my fair share of missteps.

Nowadays, we’ve got to be careful in sifting through the internet for information.

Unfortunately, it is littered with sleazy “gurus” out to make money off of anyone who will take the bait. Without having an inch of knowledge of what they are talking about, let alone authoring a book, they will tell you literally to fake it till you make it, just like how they did it.

While others claim to be the “go-to experts” that offer overnight success with yet another of their new money-making machines — these cues should serve as red flags for anyone.

I’ve become a victim myself to smoothies on various VSLs. They have screwed me countless times. I had enough! I’ve learned my lessons.

My advice for you guys is to be aware of these things. Do not be moved easily by a mere sales copy.

Do your research diligently before the buying impulse kicks in. Keep in mind that these things will usually cost both of your time and money.

Find out who authored the book, the system, or coursework that you intend to take. It’s safer to know who you are getting those info products. A plus for you if the person you are transacting with provides after-sales support.

So, guys, I’m begging you, spare yourselves and beware of the sweet talkers.

Does it Sound Like “It’s Too Good to Be True?” You’re Probably Right

beware of scammers in the internet marketing space in the Philippines

While searching on the internet, sometimes you may stumble upon ads of the latest book releases, the hottest online courses, or new systems to make money. They might have taglines like “the first of its kind, and no one else is doing” sort of things.

Scarcity tactics are used usually with sketchy promises like “you can make thousands of dollars in the next couple of minutes if you buy it now.” Sounds familiar? Should you believe in those statements right away? I hope not.

Once again, “fake gurus” are here to blame. It is so unfortunate that these people exist to abuse the industry regularly.

Never fall under their spells; they have their ways with their magics. Because chances are, the overnight success they promised you would disappear like smoke along with the money they have taken from you.

On the lighter side of things, why then should you consider a product that says you can make a mere hundred dollars in a month? With a possibility that it might take longer than that? — Because that sounds more honest, more sensible, and realistic. Scalable in a business sense.

So keep in mind — internet marketing is a business of great importance. But never think of it as a get-rich-quick system that you can accomplish everything in a snap. It’s nothing like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.

Once you start to implement what you’ve learned, expect that it will take some time before it becomes profitable. Have more provisions of patience; your efforts will soon pay off.

Giving into Emotions is a No-No

Smiley emoticons

Sometimes, it’s hard not to acknowledge an emotionally charged sales pitch. It’s even harder not to respond or give in to what they offer. So much so that you fail on noticing the undeniable facts yelling at your face; that most of these internet marketing products are incapable of delivering what it promises to deliver.

Avoid the habit of putting in your personal/credit information again and again to buy new shiny objects. It is a costly practice of unimaginable proportions. Think for a minute — Have you ever considered that hard drive of yours full of similar products that you haven’t even used or read?

In reality, the internet is a useful tool if you know how to use it. It is a gateway for many people, including you, to impart your knowledge or skills — an entryway to teach others for their personal, and their business growth.

I can’t help but mention it again in this section; please stay away from fake gurus. They have the nerve to play with other people’s feelings with delight, to sell crappy kinds of stuff to make fast bucks.

They will bombard you with ads and emails. And when you finally give in, you will be left clueless with questions in mind like “How could the product I just bought be of use to me?” Sad to say, but you might not hear from them again until they’ll launch their next latest product.

I may sound like venting my opinions of these gurus, so please forgive me. JuanNomad wants to expose their shady practices. I’m just fed up with them!

I’m not dissing everybody in this industry, especially the ones who are just starting to make a name for themselves. Admittedly, there are few legitimate ones out there that genuinely have a helping heart. I know for sure that they can fulfill the needs of a hurting client. What I don’t want to see are the posers that claim to be an expert.

Let me highlight this again. Please guard your emotions and don’t end up wiring your money, or submitting your credit card and personal details.

Use your wise judgment in this industry. Do not get too emotional.

Become the Action Taker

getting success on internet marketing in the Philippines means action, not by mere words alon.

Enough with the gurus and let’s focus on YOU.

Today’s most prevalent problems and why most people fail in internet marketing is inactivity. It may seem opposing to the topics I said above, but one of the keys to success is taking action, ASAP.

But don’t have the wrong idea of skipping the tips I have mentioned. When you look at it, you are already an action-taker just by doing your homework. Researching who’s who in the industry, doubting empty promises and not giving in to emotional traps — there’s no workaround there.

Today, a considerable number of people are interested in gaining knowledge about internet marketing. They purchase stacks of info products with systems and methods for every individual’s path to success.

Despite all the hoardings, no implementation has ever done, not even a single one. That habit was dangerously developed overtime while keeping on a constant lookout for the elusive Holy Grail of all methods. Without breaking a sweat, they fail to see whether if they already have it in their grasp or not.

Who would have not wished to find that ultimate push-button product? The one that will set itself on autopilot so we can sit back and relax and wait until our bank accounts get fatter by the day automatically. 

Alas! Internet marketing doesn’t work like that. We need to roll your sleeves up!

You may have a cumulation of internet marketing products back there. Mix them all to your heart’s content, but it will still not make you any money if you do not put any work on it.

Zero action equates to zero results.

Be Generous Enough to Give it Time

give more time to reap the rewards of internet marketing especially in the Philippines.

Please let me give you this good old example for illustration: You can never achieve a healthy and desired physique overnight. Give it time with consistency on what you supposed to be doing — I.e., exercising with proper nutrition. You will surely reap the rewards.

Just like having a perfect body, any legitimate internet marketing products, be it systems and methods or online courses, needs time to produce positive results.

Keep this in mind, let’s say you have a new website or blog; it will undoubtedly take time for them to rank or indexed by search engines, that’s normal. Not seeing anything in your analytics is not enough to be gloomy for a day of trying. It doesn’t mean you have to incline on trashing-out your work.

Imagine how a farmer nurtures his crops. How long do you think he does what he does daily until the day of harvest? Avoid pessimistic thoughts of “this and that won’t work” when, in reality, you’re not putting the real effort yet.

It will work.

At all times, give every undertaking a chance.

If you chose a blogging career, remember that you only gain good tractions from at least six months to a year. This path would take you even longer if you have a competitive niche.

An absurd scenario is that what if, after two or three years, you’re still in the rut? Then, it is clear, there is something wrong. You should have sought help within that period. There is no point to continue doing what is fruitless. By all means, better turn to a different method.

But that’s just an “absurd scenario.”  It so ludicrous that it only happens in comedy films.

What you should do is this — If, after all these times and with all the efforts, you still have seen no progress, (which I doubt), then you need more motivation to go the extra mile. I can’t suggest that you quit just yet.

An old book that I recommend you give a good read is Acres of Diamond. It could help you with all the encouragement.

In Conclusion

With all said, everything we discussed is essential to anyone’s success in this industry; you can’t even miss a single one. Either put what you’ve learned into action or ignore it altogether. It boils down to the person reading this post. You are the one to decide.

But if you are already implementing these tips in your internet marketing journey, I will give you a thumbs up! With all diligence, you are on your way to a better future.

If not, better start using it right away, and avoid any losses of time and money.

If you enjoy reading this post and probably thinking of starting your internet marketing journey as an affiliate of a local eCommerce platform (like LAZADA) then check out my instructions HERE.

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