Why Starting a Blog is a Good Idea Before & After Pandemic

Here, we will talk about why is starting a personal website is a good idea NOW and is more vital than putting it off till tomorrow.

An economic crisis is looming just around the corner.

Traditional businesses that are more affected by the event are crumbling, and many employees are at their mercy. The unemployment rate is now on the rise!

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic made global alterations. The world, as we know it, is no more.

In contrast to what is happening globally to several bricks and mortars, businesses that operate on the online space seem to be flourishing.

Today, we accomplish most commerce through the internet; because of that, sales of online stores are surging. Not to mention the way we consume information through blogs and social media. It has become unprecedented!

We have become more reliant on the internet nowadays.

And this begs me to reiterate — there are more reasons you don’t want to postpone this worthwhile project. You should build one NOW.

The Importance of Launching a Blog

Launching a blog nowadays is important.

There are many types of blogs that you can base yours on if you will build one.

And a blog’s topic can be anything.

Use it as a virtual diary, sharing only about yourself. Or run your blog to share more valuable information to help others deliberately.

Integrate a blog with an existing business to use it as an advertising tool.

Whatever plans you have, starting a personal website mixed with a business mindset can eventually become a worthwhile undertaking.

Having one is an asset — something you can build, grow, and scale-up for profits.

Create several of it, rinse, repeat, and you are on your way for a rewarding blogging career!

A time comes that you might have full hands with several successful blogs; you can also sell one for a higher price tag.

Now, imagine yourself having started a personal website and made an income out of it even before the infamous COVID-19 outbreak. Isn’t that a big help, especially when the world’s economy is at its halt?

For creating blogs, WordPress will be our basis — the world’s most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet.

The Prerequisites for starting a Blog.

Requirements when starting a blog.

We need not elaborate on the intricate details of creating a blog. We can think about that later.

For now, commit yourself to accomplish these four prerequisites.

  • Answer Your Why’s

I’m not a fan of guru stuff. Gurus of all shapes and sizes have overused the phrase, and it annoys me sometimes. But oddly enough, answering your WHY’s is your starting point.

“Why would you want to start a blog in the first place?”

  • Niche

A niche is where you will focus all your marketing efforts. According to popular dictionaries, it is “a distinct segment of a market.”

Find a niche that’s not broad and not too narrow at the same time.

Example: It’s fine to start a blog about pets, but the topic is too broad. While writing about Peterbald cats seems promising, it’s way too narrow for a niche.

Why not write about just feline pets? For me, it’s an excellent one. You will come up with lots of ideas to write.

  • Domain Name

For people not to have a hard time finding you online, the name of the website and your domain name should be the same.

Select one TLD (top-level domain) for your domain name, i.e., .com, .net, .org. I prefer .com since it’s the most commonly used TLD, and if the goal is to commercialize a blog.

You can check the domain name’s availability along with its price on Namecheap or Float hosting.

Use LeanDomainSearch or Name Mesh for a wide range of domain name ideas.

  • Hosting

If a domain name is your home address, then hosting is your house.

Choosing the right hosting provider is crucial for starting a personal website.

For reliability, robustness, 99.9% uptime, and affordable price, Bluehost, Hostinger, and SiteGround are my favorites.

When is the Right Time to Begin an Online Journal?

Businessman looking at his watch.

Think about this — Business-wise, if only we have blogged since 2003 on WordPress, it would have been more helpful.

We could have made gurus of ourselves today with filthy fat wallets. Even if the Enhanced Community Quarantine lasts for more months until a cure has arrived, it will not worry us.

But wait! I need to break the bubble. Let’s go back to reality.

Let’s face the problem that most people have — the majority are not keen enough to distinguish the difference between the essentials from time-wasting stuff online. We find informational materials boring most of the time.

So, we are instead distracting ourselves by gossips, viral videos, and entertainment that aren’t helpful to our skill and financial advancement.

The result? — We’ve become sluggish, in the sense that we act slowly in accepting and applying the real trends that will help us grow.

I’m not condemning the latecomers to the bandwagon because I, too, knew nothing about building up blogs, not until 2017.

But I got my training. I’ve built blogs and eCommerce stores since then. Oh! You might wonder if you need certifications to create blogs. Well, you don’t.

If you are reading this post up to this point, it only shows that creating a site for blogging genuinely sparks your interest.

In combination with your blogging effort, read the Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing: 5 Simple Tools Pros Used to Promote It.

With that said, the resounding answer to the subheading question is — NOW!


Starting a blog isn’t for geeks and smarties anymore — no need for complex coding.

And being late with the trend is not an excuse to do nothing.

Anyone who wants to share their ideas and helpful information can do this.

To add a fifth prerequisite, be patient while being consistent with your schedules in writing (I’m guilty of this 😅).

If you are targeting for organic traffic in your blog, you will not see much of a movement on your analytics for four or even six months.

But to make an assurance, traffic will come; over time, you will build the audience.

Don’t know how to use, grow, and monetize your blog? Please read Affiliate Marketing with a Blog and Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid.

To sign up for a free account on a specific affiliate platform so you can eventually use it for your blogging career, check out the post HERE.

So what’s next?

The world needs your knowledge and expertise. Share them and see results from your blogging efforts in less than a year!

Don’t wait for the next pandemic for you to decide.

Is there a better moment to start a blogging career than NOW?

Do you want to test yourself first on creating a free website with no headaches? Then please read How to Create a Website for Free with Leia.

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