How to Create a Website for Free with Leia

Today, we’ll talk about how to create a website for free with the help of Leia.

In previous years, whether for businesses or personal blogs, creating quality and mobile responsive websites isn’t as free, let alone easy, as everyone might have perceived.

But it has become painless to create one with the continuous advancement of technologies.

Hosting and registering domain names have become cheaper, too nowadays. Helpful for us consumers.

Even though that’s the case, one still needs to have some knowledge to put the pieces of a website together and get it up and running.

What if an AI-powered website builder could help you build a site with a simple voice command or typing a few instructions (if you’re not comfortable talking to an AI)?

Then comes Leia Website Builder, the impossibility of the past is today’s realization.

Who is Leia in a nutshell?

Leia is a website builder by Vybe Software, Inc.

Leia boasts its capability of building custom websites, not in hours, but minutes.

No need to be a coding geek!

With the help of artificial intelligence, create unique websites, and use them for advertising your business or for personal blogging.

There is no smoother way to get a website online, other than with Leia.

Now, how would you like to create a website for free with your mobile phone or tablet?

Man, that would be cool, right? — You can do that too with the Leia Website Builder!

It might sound that I’m trying hard to sell the idea. But believe it or not, it’s true! You’ve got to check out for yourself, then judge me later.

Let’s investigate how to create a website for free with Leia?

Before we get started, make sure that you already know what type of website you want to create.

Even though Leia’s AI is intelligent enough to help you create unique websites, it can’t know what is in your head. So, decide first before we begin the process.

  • Head on to the Leia Website Builder site.
  • The page will greet you with a statement that you can build a clean, custom-scrolling website in minutes, starting with a simple voice command. Just click the Get Started button.
  • The next page will ask you to press and hold the animated icon while describing the website you want.
  • BUT, for any reason you are not sure what to say to the AI, click the SKIP button to enter your website’s details manually.

From here, you’re only sixteen steps away from your free website.

A guide on your way to creating your first FREE website.

Guide on how to create a website for free.
  1. Describe to Leia what business, organization, or profession you are, e.g., yoga studio, water filling station, blogger, product reviewer, freelancer, etc.
  2. Think of a name for your website. It could be your name, your brand you want to promote, or anything that stands out.
  3. If you have a slogan, provide that too. Mine is — If there’s no path, make one.
  4. Leia will ask you for a domain name. It is better to make your website and the domain name the same to avoid confusing your visitors.

Just a note. Vybe Software Inc. will give you a domain name and host the website you are creating for free. Initially, your domain extension will be But you can change that anytime to custom domains with TLDs (.com, .org, .net, etc.).

  1. Leia will then ask how you will use the free website you are creating. Will you sell products, services, or both? If you plan to use it only for blogging, you can just click No.
  2. Activate an ABOUT page on your website. For obvious reasons, choose YES — people will want to know more about you or the stuff you’ll offer.
  3. Turn on the FEATURES section to highlight some points on what you do.
  4. If displaying a few photos is also your thing, that too is an option with Leia.
  5. Now, let’s say you have raving fans or customers that want to share their experiences doing business with you. Leia will allow you to switch on a TESTIMONIAL section.
  6. Do you have a team? Highlight them here to show the world how proud you are of having these people working with you.
  7. A CONTACT FORM  is a must-have for a website. Creating one with Leia is effortless with just a click.
  8. Already have a logo? You can upload it from this step. But if you don’t have one, you can always hit Next.
  9. If you have another website and want some of its text copied to the one you are creating, provide its URL to Leia. But I would suggest skipping this part since you are creating a one of a kind website.
  10. On this step, Leia will inform you it has enough details to create a good-looking website. It will ask if you want to build the site or ask you more. If you click Yes, ask me more, then you will have eight additional steps before you can finish the free website.
  11. However, if you click No, build my site, the fifteenth step will be to accept Leia’s Terms of Service.
  12. Last but not least is verifying to Leia that you are not a robot. Check off the ReCaptcha. Then, you’re off to also creating your free account with Leia.

Your website is now live but still editable from that account you’ve just created.

That’s it!

There’s no need for coding skills, no geeky jargon, and stuff that would give us the headaches.

Does the website you created with Leia is genuinely free?

Give the benefit of the doubt.

The brief answer is YES!


I have created two websites under one account, and they’ve been active for about a year now. Even though lately, I almost forgot about them since I’ve been busy doing other projects. Still, they didn’t cost me anything.

Yes, they are free forever (if we could live that long), and you can use it for advertising your existing business. But let’s face it; anything free comes with limitations, and Leia free websites are no different.

First, let us weigh the Cons.

CONS of Free

  • Ads will be on the site.
  • Can’t add Custom Content, i.e., buttons, iFrames, new sections.
  • You can’t use it for eCommerce.
  • If you think the website does good with consistent traffic and plan to monetize with Google Ads, you can’t.
  • Leia locks the ability to add a custom domain with TLDs until you upgrade.
  • You can’t see how many page views you already have.

Now, I’m planning to take one of my websites to the next level by upgrading to one of Leia’s yearly plans. Which, incidentally, is way cheaper than the popular website builders you’ve known already.

Why would I upgrade? — To add more functionalities to my website.

PROS of Upgrading

  • The complete opposite of the CONS section, PLUS
  • The ability to add Booking Form
  • The ability to edit HTML
  • *Can add Multiple Pages
  • *Having access to your analytics
  • *Free domain name
  • *Free SSL
  • **Get to test it for fourteen days. If, within the period you decide not to go ahead with the plan, you can get a refund.

*For Leia Business Plan.

**For both upgrades of Leia’s Pro and Business Plan.

If you go for the Pro Plan, you’ll get 80% off in your first year. That’s $9.99 for the first year — $49.99 for renewal.

If you upgrade to the Business Plan, it’s 50% off in the first year. That will be $39.99 for the first year — $79.99 for renewal.

We are concluding the ‘How to Create a Website for Free’ post.

Now that we are in the New Normal era, there’s nothing else to do outdoors. But how will you spend your time indoors?

Will you start binge-watching all day? Or will you play mobile games when there’s nothing else to watch on TV until nightfall and forgetting even to take a shower?

Sounds like cliches?

It might be. But what’s the point of wasting time while waiting for everything to get back to normal? What is better to make out of your time than creating websites?

Having a website is an asset, and that’s a fact nowadays.

Try building one with Leia Website Builder; it’s free. There are no strings attached, only your email address.

You won’t even see them bombarding your inbox with offers after offers.

The time when to level up that website is up to you.

To give you more insights on why you would start a website (or blogging), please read WHY STARTING A BLOG IS A GOOD IDEA BEFORE & AFTER PANDEMIC.

Another article that could help is WHY STARTING YOUR WEBSITE IS CRUCIAL ON WORLD 2.0.

Until then, stay safe and prosper!

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