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  1. Hi, just want to ask if you’re already accepted in Shopee PH? Hindi ata sila basta basta nag accept pag Shopee PH. Btw, nice article.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bryan!
      Unfortunately, my application with Shopee PH was rejected, at least on my first try.
      I reapplied, though.
      They will not tell the reason why Shopee rejects an application.
      But my guess, it takes time before they decide to accept you as their affiliate.
      They will make sure that you are capable of driving traffic to their offers.

      Now, I’m happy to say that after several reapplication attempts, I can market products and services from several Shopee Apps of several countries. It’s safe to say that everything this article says with the instructions on generating affiliate links and how to use them is what I’m actually doing.

        1. Hello Beth! 😄

          Right now, they come from organic searches, and some are returning users.
          I’m not using paid ads yet.

  2. Thanks for your article. Can we still reapply? If ever rejected? What are their basis for rejecting your application? Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome Tipsandmore!
      Regarding the grounds for rejections, they will not provide any feedback about that.
      But yes, you can always reapply. IA or Shopee will not ban you or anything.

  3. Hi! Did you already earn from marketing Shopee? Someone did a review on Youtube though he is from another country (Malaysia). It said that all his affiliate links did not amount to anything because of a “budget cap.” I’m not sure if the same applies to the Philippines. I was excited to start promoting until this review. Still hopeful, though! Would love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for putting up this post. 🙂

    1. Hello Sofia Cope,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      UPDATED: before, I said, “I am not sure if the Budget Cap also applies in the Philippines.”
      Now, I am sure that some Advertisers set their Budget Caps, which include Shopee PH.

      Here is my advice — in general, anyone doing business with an Advertiser in Involve Asia should read the Advertiser’s offer description. These Advertisers will always mention if they have an offer payout threshold.

      Also, turn on your Involve Asia email notifications for offers, i.e., Offer Pause, Offer Reactivation, Offer Campaign Start, Offer Campaign Stop.

      If you have opted-in to those notifications, you will always get notified by Involve Asia, giving you warnings in advance if they will pause or stop certain offers or campaigns in the future.

      By the way, thanks for the time reading this post. 😅

  4. Hi! My IA application was rejected. I’m still a newbie in IA as well as in Youtube. I just recently had created my Youtube channel. But unfortunately, I did not know all about these things (your post). But can I still reapply in IA (using the same Youtube channel) if in case I can already generate traffic from my Youtube channel? Thanks.

    1. Hello Grace!
      I apologize for the long wait.
      Yes, using the same “Property,” you can still reapply to IA. They don’t close doors for new affiliates. It just takes time for them to approve a new Property.
      Are you explicitly targeting Shopee, or you have other options?
      You can also check Cuelinks if you want. Here a direct link https://clnk.in/jSKg to their application page. It’s similar to IA with few limitations.

  5. I am transitioning from a 9to5 IT job to my own business and seriously considering online options. thank you very much for this helpful post.

    1. I feel you, Judi. And these are one of those days that we need to think about alternative sources of income, other than our day jobs.

      Glad to be of help. 😄

  6. Hope i am not bothering you with a bunch of questions here…

     1. If i have selected my youtube channel in the property link which got approved. And if i promote through another link e.g. facebook page, will it provide me commission or would be considered as invalid clicks?
     2. if i register from 1 country, can i promote products to other countries also?
     3. what is the difference between signing on your platform or signing directly on shopee or lazada?
     4. what is the difference between following options and which options is best suited ?
    pay per click
    pay per impression
    pay per sale
    pay per lead
    pay per mobile instal

    1. one more query:

      5. What are following elements on advertisers page:
      Conversion Rate
      Average EPC
      Approval Rate

    2. No worries, Amit. I’ll do my best to answer the questions. 😁

      1. Yes, it will still provide you commissions, as long as you’re using the links that came from Deeplink V.1.
      2. If you have a variety of viewers or followers from different countries, Yes, you can promote products to other countries. As long as they’ll know which link they have to click according to their country.
      3. Just to be clear, IA is not my platform. If it were, I probably wouldn’t bother creating blogs. 😅 And to answer the question, it’s easier to apply for an affiliate account with IA than going through individual companies, not much of the requirements. And you have lots of brands and products that you can promote with a single account, literally from A to Z. You just have to make sure you have the “Property and the traffic.”
      4. I guess this question deserves a more extended space, but if you ask me, I’ll go for pay per sale. To give you more information about all of these options, read https://help.involve.asia/hc/en-us/articles/360040107071-Commission-Model-Types
      5.1. Average EPC stands for Average Earning per Click – Not all advertisers inside IA has this EPC offer.
      5.2. Approval Rate is just a gauge to see how an “advertiser intends to vet publishers before approving them to promote the brand and products.”
      But, don’t be discouraged even if you see 0%.

      1. I must say, am impressed with your prompt reverts.
        Would certainly like to subscribe to your website for all future posts.
        Meanwhile, for clarification:
        3. Regret the typing mistake in my earlier post
        I have been approved on IA as well as on individual websites viz Banggood, Aliexpress, etc. Do you suggest i should still promote these products using IA instead of direct websites? (Hope there is no change in Commission %).
        i certainly agree with one advantage mentioned by you that i can operate on single platform.

        1. Thank you, Amit!

          About number 3, no worries. 😅

          Well, I, too, have individual accounts with the same and other affiliate websites.
          If I were to be asked which platform to use, my answer would be, “it depends.”
          Sometimes, individual websites have promotions, offers, and additional privileges and/or bonuses for affiliates not available within IA.

    1. Hello Lem!

      Yes. But as an affiliate marketer, the revenue I’m getting isn’t solely coming from Shopee alone. That’s the beauty of having an account with IA; I have lots of options from different Advertisers. 😁

      Btw, Thanks!

    1. Hello SKY!

      In my opinion, as long as the products you want to sell is available in Shopee, then any niche will do. 😁
      Did they approve your application already?

  7. Im thankful I found this helpful blog. I am currently getting desperate with my IA commissions. Can you give a little glimpse of this.
    Conversion, 18
    Sale amount $182
    Est earning $5.24
    Myr 24.68
    Minimun cash threshold 400myr

    So I cant get my 24.68 myr?
    Should I wait for other commissions? Or its all I have after my 18 conversion? Ouch.

    If these 24.68 are all i have, then i should stop this 😢😢😢

    I did not know nor understand that there is offer pause and or cap.
    Thank you for helping like me. More power.

    1. Hello Prima!
      IA has a payment threshold of 400MYR, so yes, you can’t get the 24.68MYR just yet. But no worries. It will not vanish or expire. It will stay there in your account until you reach the threshold.

      May I ask about these conversions, is this for one-week or is it for one month?
      Did they come from Shopee only? How long have been IA’s (Shopee’s) affiliate?

      My suggestion is not to stop with your affiliate marketing efforts because you see, you are not limited to one advertiser.
      Commissions you’ll get from different advertisers are compounded.
      Unfortunately, regarding pauses and caps, that we don’t have control over.

    1. Hello Monique!
      You are not getting paid with clicks. There should be some conversions, meaning buyers; that’s the time you’ll earn money.

  8. Hi, I really appreciate this detailed guide about applying as a Shopee Affiliate through IA. I got approved in my third property application with them. I plan on promoting products from Shopee but I chose pay per click upon application. Shopee’s offer type is cost per sale, will I still able to get a commission? Thank you.

    1. Hello Cindy,
      Thanks for stopping by. 😁
      Regardless if you chose pay-per-click upon application of property, with Shopee’s offer type, you would only get commissions for every sale, clicks not included.

  9. Hello, it’s very helpful. I just want to ask if I can use my personal profile on FB to apply in IA?

    1. Hi Violeta,
      Thanks! Glad to be of help. 😊
      THE personal FB profile is not accepted. However, if you have a FB page, that one will do. A Youtube channel will also work.
      But remember, any Property that you will provide, IA will visit. And most probably, they will check if you have the traffic that they need.
      So, you also have to work on your FB page or Youtube channel and make sure to put helpful and engaging content in them.

    1. Hello Honey,
      That, too, happened to me.
      No worries, because yes, IA will reactivate it again. You will always receive a notifications through email.

  10. Hi! I love your blog, it’s very detailed and informative. But I have a clarification tho, you said that if my property got rejected, I can still reapply using that ‘same’ property but I’d read on their FAQ that if my property got rejected, I should submit an alternate property for the second review of the publisher’s manager. To be honest, my application was rejected and I edited everything on it right after I received the email and then, reapply. But I only got another email stating that it’s still rejected but this time, there was no specific reason mentioned. Did I make a mistake for reapplying immediately?

    1. Hi Lei.
      Thank you for the nice words. 😅

      There must be some recent updates from IA’s policies.
      But please let me share my experience. With only three blog posts in it, I submitted JuanNomad’s URL for the property. I waited for days for an email response. And when the day came and read the email, the property was rejected.

      As this post has mentioned, I just reapplied the same property and got an immediate email that says IA rejects it again. So from this point, you don’t need to worry. You did not make a mistake. As you will see, I, too, have my fair share of rejections. 😅

      But there were two properties that I consecutively submitted in between though, an FB page for the sake of having it as a page, and a YouTube channel with three video uploads; both suffered the same rejections.
      With that, I concluded that IA really is concerned about the property’s ability to generate traffic for their Advertisers. If you don’t have that traffic yet, there’s a big chance of rejection.

      Unlike others who got approved from their first tries, I was one of the few who got more than ten rejection emails. I got lots of those emails archived to back up my claims. 😁
      But soon enough, with consistent daily traffic, according to my Analytics, I decided to resubmit JuanNomad’s URL for another try, with its iterations on its details. And to give you numbers, after one hundred and twenty-four days from the day I applied for an affiliate account, it was finally approved!

      In short, regardless of the platform, you are using as property, i.e., FB page, Instagram, Website, Blog, it’s better to work on their traffic first.
      It doesn’t have to be tens of thousands of monthly visitors. You just have to have some.

  11. Hello Dee, Good day!

    I saw this helpful guide of yours and hope you can help me with this concern. My IA application got approved yesterday and automatically I applied for Shopee, unfortunately it was rejected. Here is the email I got from them “We regret to inform you that your application for Shopee (PH) have been rejected and block by advertisers due to Offer Budget Limitation.” Can you help me understand what does this mean? When I checked Shopee on my dashboard the button changed to “Reapply” does it mean I can reapply to Shopee? How many times to reapply until approved by Shopee?

    Will appreciate so much your response. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Hello Marie.
      It’s nice to know that IA has swiftly approved your affiliate account. 😄
      About your application with Shopee (PH), you don’t have to worry about it because you can still reapply.
      How many times? – Until you get the approval.

      But you need to understand first that every Advertiser in IA has a Budget Limitation or Budget Capping. I’m just not sure if it’s weekly or monthly.
      It means that even if you were approved by Shopee, you will still receive an email informing you that its offers will soon be paused, which means you’ll be unable to promote its offers for the time being. The reason is that there’s a certain time it’s budget allotted for its affiliates will reach its caps, you will know that through emails sent by IA. This, by the way, is not exclusive to specific affiliates but most of the time, network-wide.

      What’s the connection with your case? – Since Shopee already is reaching it’s Budget Cap, it probably is also pausing its processing of affiliate applications, for now.

      I checked my email to confirm if Shopee (PH) paused their offers. They did, as of August 31.

      So, my suggestion is to reapply after a week, or wait for an email that will inform us that Shopee (PH) is unpaused or live again.

      I hope I have answered your question. 😅 God bless you too!

  12. Other than our registered property ( which in my case is my FB page ) , is it also allowed to post generated links in FB marketplace or Messenger (when a buyer would inquire thru PM )?

    1. Hello Gayle.
      I believe the answer is YES. But my suggestion is to use the shorter versions of those generated links to make it look cleaner when you post them. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems spammy when I see long URL links. 😅

    1. Hello Rhen,
      It means, as an affiliate, you’ve reached the Advertiser’s Offer capping. It means, this offer will soon be paused and you will no longer be able to promote it, for the the time being at least.
      But don’t worry, it will not remain paused forever. Just keep an eye on your email and you will soon receive a notification that the offer is reactivated/unpaused/live again.

  13. I can’t use my affiliate link from one of the advertiser. Whenever you click the link it says, “Affiliate has exceeded the offer cap. I generated so many links already and posted it, What will I do? Will it be best to delete those post? I temporarily unpublished my page due to this.

    1. As I have mentioned, when an Advertiser reached its offer cappings, soon enough, they will pause their offers, and we’ll not be able to promote those offers for a certain period. We can’t do anything about it but to wait for them to reactivate those offers.

      I don’t know which platform you are using those affiliate links. But if I were to ask, if the platform I’m using is this blog or my YouTube channel, I would just remove the links or replace it with alternative links from other Advertisers. If Shopee pauses their offer, then I’ll go to Lazada and look for the same products there and generate the links I need.

  14. rochelle dayag

    thank you for the great info. i hope you can help me this question: may fb page was already approved by involve asia. alibaba, shopee, etc. my fb fage before is about real estate and of course sold several house and lot units. but i wanted to rename my fb page to fit the products i will be promoting especially on shopee, would it be possible that i still get commissions?

    1. Hello Rochelle,
      You’re welcome, and thanks too for stopping by.
      About your query, honestly, I don’t want to sound like an expert on this topic. But I think it doesn’t matter if you will rename your page. As long as you’re going to drive traffic to IA’s advertisers, you will get commissions. Just use the Deeplink V.1 when you’re creating your affiliate links.

  15. Hi! Question. If I click and buy on my own post via Shopee…will it be counted as conversion to my IA account? Im afraid na ako mismo mamimili ng posts ko kasi mahilig ako mamili sa Shopee. 😂😂😂

    1. Hello Elmore Mores!
      My apologies. I know this is “more than a bit” of a reply. Three months late. But I hope you’ve tried it already. What I mean is buying from your own affiliate link. 😁

      I think it will still be considered as conversion since you’ve used the link to purchase. The only suggestion I’ll make is to use another email, different from what you’ve used applying with IA.
      Okay lang yan, ako din mahilig mamili e. 😁

  16. Hi ! I love your blogs 🙂 it is very informative. I have learned a lot. I woke up in this early morning. I don’t know how I got here 🤣

    But anyways, I have a question.

    1. Will I earn a commision? If I buy products on shopee ph using my own invol links generated in deeplink v2 promotion tools through my own FB page?

    2. And also, will I earn a commision if I order a product using COD payment option?

    3. Do I get a comission of adding cart only after clicking my generated link , then I will buy it later
    on using the shopee app?
    Because I want to save money, I want to buy products using my own links. I hope you get my point 😆
    I’m not that good in english. hehe

    I was happy to be accepted as part of their affliate marketing.
    Thanks for replying soon 🙂🙏

    1. Hello Romanskie!
      Although I don’t want to make excuses about why my reply was so late and is irrelevant in this post, I will still apologize.
      I guess by now, you’ve tried buying from your affiliate link already and has the answers.
      But just in case,

      1. Although I haven’t tried it, I guess the rules apply. You will earn commissions. Anyone who buys from your affiliate link will, regardless if it’s you, a relative, or a friend, which means you will earn from it.
      But from what I know, being an affiliate of Amazon, if they have the same rules, it’s better to use a different email address when purchasing. Different from the one you used signing up with IA.

      2. Same as Number 1.

      3. As per IA’s Shopee cookie policy, it expires after seven days. Meaning, if you leave the item inside the cart for more than a week, you will not get a commission.

      I hope that answers your questions.
      Please don’t apologize. Kabayan din ako. 😂

  17. Hi, thanks for the informative content.I just recieved the approval of IA after several rejections😄Started post the products yesterday..May I ask.? I post the product and I did buy tru my link to see how much or how it works..but none of it reflect on my dashboard huhu..do we still have to wait for it to reflect on our dashboard? or d sya kasama sa may commision..tas isa pa pong tanong Maam naguguluhan ako hehe pwd po ba makapagpost kahit anong product or makagenerate nang link kahit yung property ko in line sa fashion lang? Maraming salamat sa agot in advance☺️Godbless

    1. Hello, cristy!
      Thanks for the kind words. 😊
      I’m sorry for the delay. I am not sure if you’ve already got the answers to your questions somewhere else since my reply is too late. Even so, I’m congratulating you for getting the approval from IA. 😅

      Now, for the answers (which probably you already have, but I’ll go ahead with mine anyway, just in case).
      The probability that it’s not reflecting on your dashboard in real-time might be because commissions are adjusted every seven days based on Shopee API syncing to its database, that’s according to Shopee, of course. Also, commissions are updated every Tuesday and Friday.
      About the other question, the answer is yes. Regardless of your property’s category, you can generate any link for any product, catalog, or seller from IA’s affiliate link generator.
      I hope that helped.

  18. Hello brother, please help me out here.
    I got accepted into Involve Asia’s program in my first try but when I tried to apply for Shopee, not only they rejected but blocked by application. Now I can’t reapply to them.

    This is what they said…
    ” Thank you for your application to the Shopee (PH) affiliate program. Unfortunately, your application has been blocked.
    Reason: Property does not fit the offer’s location/region demands. ”

    I am an outsider not living in Philippines. But I have an Facebook Page where more than 100K active followers are from Philippines.

    So, please tell me…

    1. Can influencers outside Philippines cannot promote Shopee Ph. I was blocked by them, cannot even reapply now. 🙁
    2.If I can then can you tell me what am I doing wrong please ?

    1. Hello, Raul!
      If they (ShopeePH/IA) sent you a message saying precisely the reason why you were blocked, then probably, that’s the real and only reason.
      I know the feeling, brother. I tried applying for ShopeeSG multiple times. The fact that I’m from the Philippines, my applications were rejected too, numerous times. Since the last quarter of last year, I have stopped trying. From this point, I think I can’t be much of any help to you.

      But, I think it’s up to IA and their Advertisers’ discretion whether they’ll approve our applications or not, even if we’re from outside a particular company’s country of operations. We don’t have control over that.

      Aliexpress approved me, though.

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