The Possibility of Passive Income Online

Some folks say passive income is a myth, while others would profess its existence and possibility online. But it depends on how you’ll work on it.

Days have passed since we celebrated the New Year’s festivities!

Have you made your list of resolutions?

Is having a passive income online one of them?

With the internet at our fingertips, I’ll assume that anyone who uses it knows of its capabilities.

People have thought of attaining some success through it to either feeding the egos or in monetary form.

But why is it that only a few ever achieve success online? What prevents them?

The problem lies with the HABITS we’ve become accustomed to overtime.

The average person’s mindset in earning a living is through holding a job. It’s not a bad thing. It is a nobler way to live than being a career criminal.

Some would stay being employed until old age, though. And there are several reasons. One clever ploy of our parents and society is the conditioning of our minds that all started in childhood.

“Study hard so you can have good grades. Hopefully, at the end of your schoolings, you could land a high-paying job somewhere.” Uncertain as it may seem, that’s what our subconscious minds are feeding to ever since.

But staying on a job until the day you can’t work anymore won’t give you passive income.

Meaning, if I stop working, the income will also stop coming. Even if I hated my boss more than my job, I am stuck.

One thing’s for sure; this way of living is hard to break. It becomes even harder if one does not have the belief that he could break free of this numbing cycle of earning a living.

But is it possible to make an income online?

Many people have done the part of breaking free from the shackles of nothingness to achieving their financial goals with the internet.

What they had at the beginning of their careers was a mental overhaul and believed in the possibilities of what they can attain.

And with the proper tools and guidance from their respective coaches, they emerged!

The Internet made it possible! Many people have created passive income through it. It’s never too late if you start right now!

I know that habits deeply ingrained from childhood days are hard to break, especially if you are unaware of having it. But now you’ve become conscious of the fact; you’ve got to make some changes to your advantage.

Let me give you two reasons to help you decide if you would want to build passive streams of income online or not.

You are Creating Wealth for the Long Run

the possibility of consistent revenue for establishing a business that will generate passive income online.

As the word implies, PASSIVE means not actively taking part in something, yet still enjoying its benefits.

But it will only happen once you’ve rolled up your sleeves and set up the things needed.

With the internet we are using today, it is possible. There are lots of opportunities available online to create your passive income; the sky is the limit.

Which means you can build several streams until you reach your desired level of success.

Imagine building businesses from the comfort of your home with just a laptop! That is not possible half a century ago, but now it does!

Nowadays, you can sell anything online, from digital to physical products. Heck! You can even sell ideas and get paid for it.

Don’t worry about customer saturation. Internet users around the world are in billions. One little niche market can still earn you a fortune.

The internet generates the ultimate wealth package.

A Business that could almost go on Autopilot

Wow! Building a business on the internet is fantastic!

Once you’re done designing a website and set things in motion, you can automate just about everything from autoresponders to funnels, to online payment systems (if you have an online store).

But you have to remember; there is no such thing as an absolute automated wealth builder that will work 24/7 for you. Unless you’ve developed the most sophisticated AI that will do everything for you, (which still requires a lot from you to develop), then it is just a false notion.

Creating a passive income online is not a setup-then-forget kind of venture!

Treat your online business like any other business out there. It still needs a human touch.

Take, for example, answering customer queries or just the mere conversing with your blog readers. There is no substitute for a real conversation with a real human being.

Tips to Build Passive Income Online

Tips in building passive income.

*The start of getting out of the rut.

— Using your free time surfing the internet for funny cat and dog videos are sure fun, is it? It could be an excuse to relax from a long day’s work.

Double the time wastage by playing mobile games for hours, again it’s fun. Until you’ve realized you forgot to do the house chores because of that. You will accomplish nothing by doing the same routine daily. And you will never get out of the rut until you are sixty.

Instead of doing just that, why not find yourself a business that genuinely is worth your time?

For more inspiration, check out the Thai movie “The Billionaire.” It’s the story of how Itthipat Peeradechapan built his business empire.

Follow his lead if you have the guts. But if you don’t have the willpower as he has, then let’s stick with having an online business for now. It’s more achievable by most people who will not waver with the basic tasks.

There are lots of business opportunities online that will surely interest you. Or you can start building with whatever passion or skill you already have.

When using the internet, don’t get distracted. People serious about having a lasting business that will work for them will not waste a single minute, so should you.

*Seek the right skills and knowledge from the right sources.

— Taking up courses is a good start for your journey to achieve that passive income online. There are lots of authority figures where you can learn the basics of the trade.

But beware of the phony gurus. There will be red flags! You will know when they’ll start offering courses with ridiculously high price tags when most of them are outdated curriculums.

What’s vexing is the fact that they are courses repackaged from other gurus programs. Yet, these people have the gall to sell their products for hundreds to thousands of dollars!

But don’t worry, some companies offer free but systematized and organized courses online. Sites like and Shaw Academy do an excellent job with that.

And even if you need to make a small investment, it could still be well worth the training you will receive with these companies.

*Focus on one venture at a time.

— When you start a campaign, be it blogging, podcasting, or creating video content, be sure to see it through; and do it one at a time.

Have a schedule to work on your business daily.

Sometimes, this daily routine will make you feel bored and tired. But to achieve the monetary success that you mean to have, it is a habit you need to adhere to.

Determine what else you need to implement with your business. Don’t stop promoting and continuously nurture its growth along the way.

Add another project for passive income only until you see results.

*Build your business consistently.

— Speaking of results, just like with exercising, you will only see results with consistency.

Keep doing what you ought to do until you achieve sustainability from your online business, enough to quit your day job!

Don’t stop reaching that dream!

In Conclusion

Remember, it does not differ from any other venture. Be it blogging, podcasting, vlogging, etc., whatever model you choose to have that passive income; it takes patience and consistency to build an online business.

The only difference, when doing your business online is you can work anywhere (except in your day job’s workplace, of course), and at the pacing of your own.

Working on even a small niche market can give you results, just set your working schedules.

The sooner you start with the business model of your choosing, the sooner you’ll realize your dreams of having a passive income online!

When will you decide?

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