The Insider Review of Negosyo University & its IBMC

In this post, I will give you the no-bull crap approach to review the Negosyo University and its flagship course, the Internet Business Master Class, also known as IBMC.

UPDATE: After rereading this article along with dozen other reviews of the same type, I felt like I did not deliver what I’m supposed to offer to the general readers — an unbiased analysis of the topic at hand.

Criticizing my own work, I debated with myself and came up with a solution! — I have to make some revisions of this post. And so I did!

Just to be clear, as already implied by the title, I am one of its members. But I will do my best to do a no-BiaS review out of this post.

Let’s begin!

Have you scoured online looking for the real deal in internet marketing, akin to discovering the distinct flavor you have always been craving to satisfy the taste buds?

Instead of finding the very thing that you need, you will end up with a plethora of sites, each loaded with 60% sales pitches rather than real reviews. I am throwing numbers here, but that is just my estimation (not perfect math).

Even if you are not in a sales funnel per se, you will feel you are — convincing you to buy his or the actual product under review.

With that statement, I do not want to sound like a jerk!

If that bothers you (not me being a jerk), then you are in luck. What you will read is not a typical review.

JuanNomad hopes that this post will help you out in deciding whether Negosyo University and IBMC is the right fit for you.

Who is Mr. Jon Oraña?

“Here’s a story I think you could relish.”

Upon searching further on the internet, Mr. Jon Oraña, a Filipino, was a student at Adamson University and graduated with its class of ’99. He held a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Like everybody else, he started earning his income as an employee for a known company.

But, unlike everybody else who became complacent, Mr. Oraña grew restless. He started thinking of ways to flee from the rut.

One book that solidified his decision to escape is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

He ventured out in the open, doing businesses of sorts without leaving his job. It is an ideal description of ‘The Cautious Entrepreneur.’

But keep in mind, Mr. Oraña is no stranger to failures. At first, he failed from reaching his financial independence.

Miserably, he failed so much that debts kept piling until he started paying his bills with credit cards.

If anyone would dare to try the same (paying bills with a credit card) and continue that kind of lifestyle, you know it leads to disaster!

Being face down on the ground, he tasted defeat. But he did not stay there for long.

He stood up and to march towards achieving something BIG!

Jon Oraña Charging to Success!

While everybody is busy scrambling over the next new networking company,  Mr. Oraña is one of the few who jumped in the eBook’s bandwagon industry.

He sold millions and millions of eBooks online, which translates to millions of (not PHP) dollars!

From there, he started online coaching with courses like the Blog Academy, Money Tree System (now known as Money Tree System 3.0), and the Internet Business Master Class (IBMC).

He also has a blog —

Now known as Coach Jon by his mentees, he’s currently living in Canada with his family.

Occasionally, he visits the Philippines for business-related activities and pleasures.

To cut the story short, I could say that he has built a sustainable online empire. He will not budge even if several waves of the pandemic comes by (heaven forbid the epidemic).

What Is Negosyo University? — Let’s Elaborate

As far as I have searched, Negosyo University is not a company. It is a website owned and maintained by Coach Jon Oraña. It is one of his brainchildren.

And although it is not searchable in any trademark websites in the Philippines or abroad, it is Coach Jon’s trademark.

Now, to clarify, Negosyo University is not a real university. So don’t expect for certifications that you can use to outclass an MBA degree holder. While it might sound misleading, still, what you will learn from its courses are missing in any conventional schools that grant business credentials.

If you can master even one course it offers, you could (possibly in the longer run) beat a business executive in terms of income. BUT, results are atypical.

negosyo university courses

Currently, Negosyo University offers nine premium courses (currency conversions are in approximations), and they are:

First Steps to Freedom Blueprint ($65 or Php3,498)

  • According to Coach Jon, it will illustrate the fastest, easiest, and most secure way of transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur.
  • The course will specify the sweet spot of a business to help you create one that will not make you feel you are doing a chore.
  • Coach Jon coined the term ‘Cautious Entrepreneur.’ — With that in mind, he will give you advice on when to quit your job.
  • The course will also provide you with business ideas. But I doubt that these ideas are new since more often than not, you knew them already. You are just habitually ignoring their potential over and over to where it becomes invisible to you. That is the problem that needs some fixing.
  • With this course, at least it will remind you of the skills and assets you already possess. You just need to hone them to gain what Coach Jon used to say as the “Unfair Advantage.”

One Email a Day Business Blueprint ($190 & 30Days Money-Back-Guarantee)

  • To simplify this premium, it is an email marketing course.
  • Based on the excerpts of its sales page, “make money online without creating a single product,” it doesn’t mean you don’t need products to make money, but rather it will train you to become an affiliate marketer. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s just selling other people or the company’s products or services.
  • The course will show everything you need to know to make it work.
  • I know you have doubts. Don’t enroll in this course if you don’t even have the slightest idea of what the word ‘traffic’ really means and how to generate them in a marketing sense.
  • I think the course is more suitable to ready affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, etc., with ready social followings.

The Email Buffet Package ($99)

  • You will get a package of three months’ worth of email templates.
  • Coach Jon will also guide you from a two-hour video on how to use the templates with other bonuses.
  • Like the One-Email-a-Day course, I feel that this one can be more beneficial for those who already have an audience or followers.

10X Signature Coaching Program ($285 or Php15K & 30Days Money-Back-Guarantee)

  • The course will teach you how to become a coach yourself. You don’t even need a coaching certificate to become well-rounded.
  • You will know how coaches are getting paid commanding fees not lower than $300 per event.
  • If you like high tickets and you have invaluable insights not available elsewhere, then this course is for you.

Given the fact that coaching is a high paying career, there is a caveat.

Unless you have something valuable that needs sharing, this course is not for people who want to become an overnight coach just for the sake of making money.

I don’t want you running around and chattering regurgitated stuff with COACH written on your forehead. Fake gurus are rampant nowadays. Please, spare yourself from becoming one. Remember, your reputation is at stake here.

Ultimate Lifestyle Blueprint ($120 or Php5,995)

The course comes with 5-Module Videos

  • It will start with the conditioning of the mind, followed by the blogging basics.

(JuanNomad also covers the topic in some of its articles). You can also have a good read with the WHY STARTING A BLOG IS A GOOD IDEA BEFORE & AFTER PANDEMIC.

  • Coach Jon’s course will also teach you how to start a business for as low a Php500 and start running it for an hour per day. — Sounds ridiculous? — You’ll be the judge of that.
  • From this premium, you will learn the simple steps to build online credibility, trust, and expertise.
  • It also covers strategic marketing and strategic selling (the two nouns are synonymous with each other, but who cares, as long as the course defines them separately in two modules, right?).

The “Medyo Sikat” Master Class (Registration closed until further notice)

  • The course will teach you how to go from nobody to somebody with influence and increase your chances for success by minimizing the competition (I guess this is not suitable for extreme introverts).
  • You will learn how to generate leads of buyers without the need to hard sell.

— In short, it’s a how-to course to become an influencer.

  • It will also teach how to create passive income by building an online business.
  • The course also tackles Facebook Ads.

— BUT remember, Facebook Advertising is an ever-changing world of advertising. You can be an expert today, but the knowledge you have today can become obsolete in matters of weeks or days, depending on how often Facebook updates its algorithms. So, I hope Coach Jon updates this part of his course as often as he can.

DISCLAIMER: I, too, am not an expert on this part.

The Money Tree System 3.0 ($100 or Php5K)

In collaboration with other successful online entrepreneurs, the premium course will teach you:

  • Become an Amazon seller.
  • Profit and make a six-figure income from freelancing in thirty days (individual results are atypical).
  • How you, too, can build an eCommerce empire.
  • Learn tips and tricks from various sources of income like blogging, speaking engagements, webinars, coaching, Airbnb, etc. — I hope the Airbnb part gets an update. As we all know, due to this ongoing global pandemic, nobody wants to share their home with strangers. And Airbnb, as a business in itself, is having trouble.
  • Get the frameworks of Copyrighting to sell your products and services online effortlessly.
  • Determine the road to your first 1M (a coach will break that down for you).
  • And how to become an affiliate marketer.

Lead Product Planner (around $60 or Php3995)

Categorized as a “beginner’s course,” this newly added to Negosyo University’s family of courses is a self-study video tutorial, which means you can learn at your own pace.

But, since it says you can create your very first digital product in twenty-one days or less, which is an ebook, I doubt that you’ll slack off on this one. You might feel the urge to disprove coach Jon’s timeline.

From brainstorming to research, to the actual product creation to avoiding the pitfalls, the course is packed with step-by-step instructions with The Checklist so that you won’t miss anything.

It contains eight (five to twenty-minute) digestible videos.

Plus, you will get two bonuses:

  1. The Chillyonario Business Model — It’s over an hour-long of training from coach Jon’s recent paid event.
  2. The OMG or Outreach Mail Gameplan Course — It will teach you how to build instant credibility, develop authority, and believability even if you’re not an expert! I know, the statement seems a bit over the top for newbies, and Gary Vaynerchuk might disagree on this too; but it says what it says.

Internet Business Master Class (Php25K)

ibmc negosyo university

Last but not least is the best seller of Negosyo University since its inception, IBMC!

Get live coaching calls/webinars, usually held once every weekend, for eight sessions. Coach Jon will record every session for a student’s future reference.

Receive eight modules and bonuses in video and audio formats. All are downloadable with swipes, presentation slides, the needed tools, and some resources, plus related links for the IBMC course.

  • The course will start how you will answer your Why’s and knowing the reasons for pursuing this online venture.
  • Learn the Market Radar Method, which is niche and keyword researching.
  • Week two is outlining and creating your first-ever digital product (much like the Lead Product Planner Course).
  • If, for the third week, you still lack the confidence and don’t know what you are doing, then learn how to hire a freelancer to do the work for you.
  • In the fourth week, find out how to sell eBooks online.
  • The fifth week will teach how to build a list and where to get them.

— With a significant amount of subscribers, you can soon automate your email marketing efforts with an autoresponder. But you have to understand; automation isn’t free.

  • Come the sixth week; know where to get free traffic.
  • Want more traffic to your offer? Then the seventh week will show where to get them with paid ads.
  • Growing your internet business more is the last week’s topic. The course will give insights into re-targeting techniques and adding more value to what you offer.

Other than the main course’s benefits, you will also get bonuses like the In-Office and Systems training, Master Mind groups, ongoing free and exclusive coaching calls with Coach Jon and other experts.

Do the Negosyo University courses’ claim to success sounds too good to be true?

Some people might call Coach Jon a fraudster. I’m not defending him, but he is not.

He is a legitimate online entrepreneur.

If you diligently search, you will find some articles and interviews of him from reputable information outlets; Mr. Jon Oraña earned his right for the title of a coach.

With Coach Jon’s guidance, Negosyo University courses, especially IBMC, produced many successful students. Some of them became coaches in their own right.

There’s always a disclaimer, though.

No matter how good the program, and I’m talking in general terms, whether it’s from Negosyo University or other course creators, there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

You have to have the habit of reading the fine print written just below every sales page you visit.

Results will always vary depending on how much the individual exerts his efforts.

Do not give in to your emotions?

If you read carefully, regardless of whether it’s on the Negosyo University or others, the goal of every sales page is to convince you to buy, period.

Let’s slightly deviate from the topic, shall we? — Upon fact-checking, rags to riches and Cinderella stories can quickly mesmerize Kdrama and Telenovela fanatics. Not all, but mostly they are emotional.

With that insight, sellers/marketers use emotional triggers in their sales copies.

Now, by merely reading struggles to triumphant tales, one emotional person might see himself in it. It can even move him to tears.

What’s the connection? — If you are someone like the ones I described, chances are, emotional triggers in sales copies can sway you.

Will that be your gauge to draw out your wallet and buy a course? I hope not.

I don’t want you buying into a program on the fly, then later see you venting on social media telling everybody that someone scammed you!

Physiologically, the brain is higher than the heart. With this analogy in place, use your logic more for business dealings.

Don’t let emotions dictate your decisions.

Taking action is a must in Negosyo University!

Many smart aleck would agree that inaction is also an action. The short word for that is DUMB.

It leads to stagnation and rot, that’s for sure.

Let me share a quick story of how I joined the course — When I first saw an ad of Negosyo University’s IBMC through an ad, I have zero knowledge of internet marketing, but it sparked my interest. So I became determined to finish my homework in an internet café.

I started my search online for reviews, testimonies, and anything related to the program or Coach Jon.

Honestly, I only found a few. Not enough to weigh the odds, but I decided anyway within a week.

I know, for most Filipinos, PHP25K is A LOT to spend on one click.

But how would I know? I was also a newbie, an OFW looking for opportunities with no knowledge whatsoever about internet marketing.

Besides, back then, no other Filipino coaches were around the internet. So naturally, I gravitate towards my fellow Pinoy rather than going to foreign gurus.

Since I had the money, I enrolled in IBMC, received the perks and bonuses, and finished the course in two months.

Before, when I hear the word marketing, I only thought about MLM.

Negosyo University changed that, and IBMC became the catalyst for my internet marketing journey.

I’m not saying that the knowledge I have now is solely from IBMC, but since then, I’ve sought more from other sources and learned a lot!

I need not convince you. That’s your job for yourself.

But the way that I see it in general, if you choose inaction instead of taking action, don’t expect to see rewarding experiences and life-changing events to take place.

But also, I’m not saying that you buy into the program right away. Not that I’m opposing the idea of taking action, we all know that the course is expensive. And we can’t spend so much in times like these.

Will I recommend Negosyo University’s Courses?

If you have money lying around or savings to spare for expensive courses, go ahead.

But if you don’t’, I do not recommend it. You might want to consider the low-priced courses at Negosyo University, though, instead of the higher tier like the IBMC.

It might sound like I’m canceling out all the sweet words I said to build up the image of Negosyo University. But to be honest, if you must and just starting in the internet marketing space, it doesn’t make sense to spend too much of your hard-earned money right off the bat.

The fact that you will still need “tools to get the business running,” which means having to spend equal to, if not more than what you’ve paid for a course, can never guarantee the ROI in just thirty days. Even if it says, you can have your money back for thirty days.

Am I crushing your dreams of becoming an online entrepreneur? Of course not!

That’s just the hard reality!

Nobody had given me advice like this when I was starting.

But there are viable alternatives that you can do for FREE. And in terms of quality, it can compete with paid courses.

Weigh in the options.

To Conclude Negosyo University Review.

The courses offered at Negosyo University are not cheap.

A regular Juan can’t afford to buy himself a program (specifically IBMC) without sacrificing a month’s budget.

But I still hope that you should not see this as roadblocks to find your way in the internet marketing realm, especially now that we’re in the new norm.

There is always a solution. I suggest you give this article a read — How to Be Debt-free in a Year and become financially free at the same time.

Remember this — any course you will enroll in will never take off by itself. You may have the blueprint, but you still need to do the work.

There is no promise that you will have an overnight success. If someone does claim to have that, better think twice. There’s no such thing! Check out the article — Red Pill of Internet Marketing: 5 Tips for Beginners to give you insights.

JuanNomad hopes that this review of Negosyo University and its IBMC helped you.

Keep safe, my fellow Juans!

14 thoughts on “The Insider Review of Negosyo University & its IBMC”

  1. I attest to the veracity of your information and the benefits of enrolling in the Negosyo University. I did! And I have not regretted it….

    1. Glad you did enroll!
      That’s seemingly the first small step.
      But now, you’re like Neo; you’ve become fully aware of the Matrix. 😀 “It’s a giant leap for your internet marketing career!”

  2. Globe Telecom Company

    Thanks, Juan! I am currently enrolled to IBMC. There’s one thing that struck me in all that you said. There are viable alternatives that you can do for FREE. And in terms of quality, it can compete with paid courses.”

    1. Welcome Classmate!
      Not all are up for the challenge of CHANGE in their lives!
      Just like what I said to Ed here, I’m glad you decided to take the Red Pill. 😉

      BUT, for now, don’t mind what I said about the “viable alternatives.”
      You can’t afford to be swayed by those words.
      You’ve already invested money and time with IBMC, so make the most out of it.
      Since you’re going through the course, my suggestion for you is to FOCUS on the training at hand.
      Also, remember that the modules are not the end of it all. There are more to come, so brace yourself for more coaching and instructions.
      After that, and still, you’re craving for more knowledge that wasn’t covered there, then you can consider the “viable alternatives.”
      I hope my advice helped you in some ways. 🙂

  3. Good day! Suddenly i changed my mind in seeking financial help from a relative abroad and not pursue in ibmc bec. i really don’t have the money in the first place. I really want to make a breakthrough in my life, 6 months without a job bec. of pandemic. (I’m a regular employee in a resort hotel). Only have a retail store with my wife. Maybe I should search harder for more affordable ones. I can still pursue ibmc in time. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ronjay.
      I feel you. I do understand that we need to conserve every resource we have in times like these. As the saying goes in Filipino, “Kailangang maghigpit ng sinturon.”

      If you don’t mind, let me suggest something free. How about starting a YouTube channel then doing affiliate marketing on the side? I would recommend creating insightful videos, e.g., video tutorials, product reviews, reacting to current events, etc. Entertaining if you must, but not too much.

      Now, I wouldn’t say that I don’t like daily vlogs, entertainment, and prank videos. They are great for passing the time and probably get some cheap laughs from time to time. But don’t focus too much on them. I think they are way too common nowadays, and many celebrities are also already in it. Take note that they already have their fans behind them, so posting even just videos of their pets won’t have a problem gaining views instantly. They’ve seen the income potential, so they went into the bandwagon. We can’t compete with those already famous ones, for now.

      When you’ve set up your channel and have videos uploaded, and garnered views and probably subscribers, you can start by creating a free affiliate account with Involve Asia.
      In relation to this, there are two articles I recommend you to read, How-to guide to Shopee Affiliate Program Through Involve Asia and Become a Lazada Affiliate with Involve Asia & Tools.

      Also, if there’s an affordable premium course that I can share with you in the future, I’ll be sending it to your email if that’s okay. 😅

      I hope I have helped you with this reply.

  4. Good evening po! I badly want to enroll and attend trainings but the thing is I’m just a teen and I don’t have any source of income. Btw thank you for this review.

    1. Hi Zeth!
      By the way, belated happy new year and advanced happy Chinese new year! And sorry for the late reply. 😅

      About your concern, I know the feeling. For most Filipinos, the amount needed to get into the IBMC course is but a dream. If one has no income source but badly needs to be in it, there are several solutions.
      1. Borrow from someone to get in faster. But be sure to return full what was borrowed, or else, you know the scenario.
      2. Pawn some stuff around the house, which I wouldn’t recommend.
      3. Keep some money from your allowance every month and become thriftier than before just to come up with the complete payment (that would take ages).

      But there’s a fourth solution. Once I’m done with the project, I might hook you up to it.

      Thanks for appreciating the post. 😅

  5. Hi! I am thinking about enrolling myself.
    There’s just one question I have; can I have my ROI within 3 months? Can I really gain money from this course within the span of 3 months?

    I am not expecting to gain a huge amount of money but I just need to know if this will be enough to help me with my bills in the long run.

    1. Hello Josh!
      I should have replied to you sooner, my apologies.
      There’s a big chance that you’re now inside Mr. Oraña’s program, or not, I really don’t know. 😅

      But if you held yourself from buying the course and waited for my answer, then this is what I would say — There is no guarantee that you can have your ROI in three months. If you happen to read the IBMC’s sales page without straining your eyes because you don’t want to miss every word it says, then I’d suggest you go straight down below its page and look for the Disclaimer, if it’s there.
      Actually, it should be there for legal reasons. It clearly says that “Earnings and income representations made by them are aspirational statements ONLY of your income potential.”
      Reading further down, if, in the end, you’ll feel you’ve lost something upon enrolling in their program, they are not liable for it.

      I know that the testimonies you’ve read and will read will say otherwise. But those statements are there for a reason, to convince you, and you should know that by now.
      If the program’s flow stayed the same as I took it, it would also be the same for you. The program is designed for you to finish in about two months, a total of eight standard sessions of live webinars and recorded videos, released once per week, mixed with pieces of training here and there.

      I can’t justify its price tag, though. It’s not as complete as it should be. Once you’re inside, you’ll soon realize that you still need to shell out some more from your savings just to follow along with everything.
      There’s no doubt that some knowledge you’ll gain from the program could help, from a financial standpoint, not in three months but the “longer run.”

  6. Glenn De Leon

    Sir J,
    Thanks for your candid review, sir. Just as I need. Muntik na ko nag Crayola sa review new po, as in cry. Akala ko nga libre Ang course. Anyway it’s not affordable..katulad ko…kaka scam Lang namen sa wtf last year mabigat na nga Ang 5 k sa katulad namin. Though NU is legit, it takes all the means( php, laptop. Basic techie, wifi, etc) that are wanting more or less from many of our humble kababayan.
    Salamat Ng marami for sharing this invaluable thoughts and God bless you for your honesty in your review.

    1. Hello Glen,
      I’m glad the article helped with your decision-making. Natawa ako sa word mong Crayola. 😄

      I know the feeling of being scammed. Let’s pray na mabawasan na ang mga scammers sa mundo, if it’s impossible for them to be totally eradicated.

      Thanks too for stopping by at JuanNomad. Hope to see you again here in the near future. 😊

  7. I’ve just finished RICH DAD POOR DAD by Kiyosaki, and as if by fate, I come across Negosyo University in my fb. I appreciate Jon’s no-nonsense description of the how-to’s, but of course, we can’t help getting skeptical once money is involved (and then again, there’s no such thing as free lunch..)

    I appreciate this thorough article about IBMC and I hope to start my own journey to wealth and success, whether via Jon Orana or something else. More power!

    1. Hello Daphne,
      Even with the simple writing, I’m glad to be of help to our fellow Filipinos.
      Thanks for dropping by at JuanNomad. Hoping you’ll find the right path to start your journey.
      JuanNomad is rooting for you! 😊

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