The 4 Fallacies of Building Wealth Online

Aside from having a brick and mortar business, one place where anyone can start building their wealth is online.

But there are certain fallacies or false notions that usually cause delays of success for most people. And it kept them from working smart and productive.

Clinging to those thoughts can and will overpower anyone’s resolution to go forward.

What are the dangers? These fallacies will have a significant psychological impact and, eventually, will affect the business. They will become barricades that prevent you from reaching full potentials.

Identifying these fallacies is winning half the battle of achieving your goal of building wealth online.

Let’s talk about them one by one.

If I become wealthy, someone else gets poorer

In a corporate setting where one has to climb the ladder, competition is stiff. Instead of rubbing elbows, you might have to shove some coworkers aside to make way for yourself.

It is so unfortunate that this practice exists in the corporate world.

That’s not the case in building wealth online unless the actual work you’re doing is bashing people.

Yes, there are trolls on the internet. And it pays to do just that.

But you can relax if you have a moral compass and afraid of ruining someone else’s life.

When doing your business online, follow what other successful people have done, be it the old-fashioned way or sophisticated. As long as they are ethical, it will still lead to fulfilling your goals.

Keep in mind, the simple way to enrich your life is to create value for others and make their lives richer.

There is no shortage of abundance on the internet. Provided you planted the right seeds, you don’t have to feel guilty if you want a good harvest. The Creator has given us equal chances to succeed in life.

There’s enough money for everyone that’s just waiting for someone to claim it. With various programs available online, many people have proven this.

Some people might scoff at what I said, especially those who tried yet failed. But you can do your research. Look for those who emerged from the crowd and see for yourself.

What do you think if Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki, or Tai Lopez had one or more of the fallacies in their minds?

Did they cause any misery to others? I don’t think so. Still, it depends on the next person you will ask.

What I believe is that they saw an opportunity; they just grabbed it.

The only way to breed money is to have money from the start

We should avoid certain fallacy like only money begets money and money grows on trees.

“Starting a business, you say? You got to have money and lots of it for backup.”

A friend of mine says, “Oh! I wish I were born to a rich family so I can start my business smoothly.”

Another person would absurdly say, “I need to win the lottery first!”

These are just some examples of this fallacy that will hinder you.

Naturally, there are some cases you’ll need money as a starting capital, like a brick and mortar business.

And it might have been truer half a century ago. But not anymore in this day and age.

In this past decade alone, the number of millionaires has significantly increased. It’s not because they were all lucky or born into money, but they have rejected this fallacy out from their minds.

With the rise of the internet, more people have realized their dreams of building wealth online. I’m sure you know the likes of Neil Patel, Anik Singal, those YouTubers you follow, or internet marketers you know from around the world.

All they have is an idea and the execution of it.

What they did was content marketing (blogging and video content), affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc. The funny part is most of them did it in the comfort of their homes.

The good news is you can do it too!

All you need is to shell out a little to no money from your pocket.  It’s crazy! I know!

Now, throw the fallacy of “only money breeds money” out of the window.

Rich people have an abnormal life

Some people think being rich is like burning money, hence, living an abnormal life.

Before, typical rich people are city dwellers who splash their money around. They lived in massive mansions. They have yachts or private jets for no reason and drive limited edition cars of Ferrari.

The ostentatious display of wealth was the gold standard for the rich of the past. But there are people nowadays who do the same. Don’t get fooled. They could have borrowed those toys somewhere to flaunt.

Today, wise millionaires don’t care if they live in the suburbs. They still lead healthy lives while keeping themselves low profile.

They are good examples that one can live a good life without the splurge.

I know, I know! If someone has lots of money lying around, who would stop him from unwise spending. He can wear millions of dollars worth of wristwatch just for show, or buy a tiger for a pet.

Some people (including me) would think those guys are nuts for acting like that with their wealth! They could have given the money to feed countless numbers of homeless folks!

Seeing those kinds of actions hinders most of us from acting on our goals. We are afraid that in building our wealth, we might lose our souls.

But we at JuanNomad and you who read this post know the values of everything.

Is being wealthy means living an abnormal life of splurging? Probably for some. They chose that. Remember, these people have all the right to do whatever they want.

But if you believe this fallacy, it will become a factor to stop you from achieving success. It will turn into fear.

It’s a pity that because of this fear, people will live a mediocre life instead of reaching their dreams.

Don’t let the fear stop you.

The family must sacrifice in exchange for Building Wealth online

An empty nest.

After WW2, statistics have shown that the highest divorce rates recorded in history are within the baby boomers. One reason is they believed in this fallacy.

We can’t blame them since everybody that lived during wartime experienced the lack of everything. Experiencing hunger, and no safe place to even have a good night’s sleep.

For those who came out alive from the war, they became determined to be the best provider for their families. They’ve set their minds to save money by “working harder than the day before,” unwittingly neglecting their loved ones’ needs of their presence.

Fortunately, the generations that followed learned the value of balance and the truth behind the creation of wealth.

Today, no one will require you to work as hard (or harder) as the workers of the first and second industrial revolution ages. If there is such, it would be illegal.

In our present generation, we can have side hustles at home while still holding our current jobs. We know now that we can still work harder while being smarter too.

Every single one of us has different motivations. Still, most of us do what we do for our loved ones, am I right?

A piece of advice

If you’re venturing out for business, you will save lots of time, money, not to mention headaches by finding yourself a mentor. Better yet, hiring a coach can serve as leverage in your pursuit of building wealth online.

The smart way is to emulate successful people that you know. Use them as role models. You can see them on the internet sharing their successes, failures, and insights. Note their mistakes so you can avoid them on your path to success.

Getting your business up and running with a steady pace of growth, without a doubt, requires hard work.

But don’t let your loved ones suffer by neglecting them with your absence.

You can have a successful business and an intact and loving family at the same time. In this internet age, it’s possible.

Overall, we may say it

Nowadays, there could be thousands of programs accessible online on various subjects. But just because you failed in one of them doesn’t mean you will fail to all of them. You have thousands of chances of building your wealth online.

Every person’s result differs from others. That’s one reason course creators put disclaimer notices on their products; results are not typical.

One factor of failure is that those who fail don’t believe they can succeed in the get-go.

Success starts inside the mind. Believe first that you can succeed.

Unless you give the authority to other people to define you, no one can do just that. It’s you who decides which path you want to go.

See you all at the top! Good luck to your success!

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