Lazada Affiliate Program: Closed for New Applicants

Every business-minded Filipino who doesn’t have enough capital to start a venture might want to jump in first the bandwagon of the Lazada Affiliate Program. There are many reasons that you should, too. But there are more reasons you couldn’t with the platform that Lazada directly handles for the local Filipinos.

Even if you ignore those negative reasons and still pursue your dream of becoming its affiliate, you can’t, for now, or possibly forever. I know little about the latter, so let’s leave that as an understatement. There could be some future changes; only Lazada knows.

Wait! Don’t get yourself disappointed (yet). Read through the short post and you might start feeling better, though.

Some time ago, I wrote an article on how to apply as Lazada’s affiliate.

If you’re just starting in the affiliate marketing business and you really want to be an affiliate of Lazada along with other top brands as a bonus, that’s great! But there are a few extra steps you need to take first. I laid out the instruction on the post HERE.

But if you don’t want to bother yourself with it and stubborn enough to still want to become an affiliate solely for Lazada, I’m sorry. You really can’t.

My advice is the same, go to my suggestion above and read that article and finish those first extra steps.

If you want to know the reason you can’t sign-up directly to the Lazada Affiliate program, then read on.

It is not discouragement or something. I know that my job is to write helpful insights for my readers, and I’m responding to that duty.

Try googling “Lazada Affiliate Program” and click on it.

Go on. Try it!

You’ll end up on a page that says these exact words:

Lazada affiliate program is not accepting any new applicants at the moment.

Past Requirements for New Applicants of Lazada Affiliate Program

I remember the time when I first learn about the beauty of affiliate marketing. Lazada was one company, among others, that came to mind.

And it’s not that hard to get an affiliate account.

You only need the basics —  a valid email, a phone number, completing their Sign-up Form, your bank info, and a URL and explanation of how you can generate traffic to the Lazada site or app.

After the account approval, you’re good to go. That’s it!

But now, that’s the thing of the past! The complications started mid-February 2020.

And today, signing up for the Lazada Affiliate Program is impossible. The doors were closed!

The complications I’m talking about plus the hassles are for the current affiliates. To tell you the truth, it annoyed me!

Compared to other well-known global affiliate programs, Lazada is asking for more requirements.

Latest Mandatory Requirements for Current Lazada Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a business model. It will take time before you get significant results.

But when you generate income from legal sources wherever, whenever, the government will have a bite in the form of taxes with some yearly registrations. I don’t want to sound radical, but that’s the way it is to consider yourself a law-abiding citizen of a country. Don’t expect a pat on the head, though.

Lazada wants to help you out with that. The solution is to ask for more requirements from you. And you have to provide them, or else.

If you are a current Lazada Affiliate, then you should have received an email last February regarding this issue. Check your spam folders if you haven’t read it yet.

As for the aspiring ones, please read on. Inform yourself of why Lazada isn’t accepting any new affiliates for now.

Upon closing the doors for new affiliates, Lazada requires current ones to provide:

  • Government-issued IDs
  • Valid URL link that you will use to drive traffic to their site or app. It could be a website (ex., or an active YouTube channel.
  • Bank Certificate that you can request from your bank. FYI: it differs from the statement of account.
  • BIR Form 2303 AKA Certificate of Registration.
  • A copy of Official Receipt — it is a document that the Affiliate (You) will issue for every payment rendered by Lazada. It will serve as valid documentation and proof of your transactions with Lazada.

Technically, an affiliate marketer is also a sole proprietor.

Which means you need to take specific steps before getting that BIR Form 2303. Considering you’re just a newbie in affiliate marketing and probably a busy person, it will be a headache for sure.

To understand more on how to get your Certificate of Registration, check out JuanTax’s article here.

The Consequences of Noncompliance

So what happens if we don't comply?

UPDATE! Lazada has come up with stricter rules for its current affiliates, and it keeps on getting stricter. The original submission deadline was supposedly March 30, 2020, but has extended due to the COVID19 outbreak. For ALL the requirements, submit them on or before on July 31, 2020.

Failure to comply means Lazada will deactivate affiliate accounts beginning August 2020 until ALL the required documents are provided.

Also, payouts and all other conversions generated before and during the deactivation period of your account will never get released.

It automatically forfeit your claim to any affiliate income before and during the deactivation period.

Do not worry, because according to Lazada, you can still reactivate your affiliate account once you complete the documents even after the deadline. But, they will only start tracking and paying for conversions/commissions from the date of reactivation.

To current affiliates, do you want that to happen, especially if you are one of the top earners? Absolutely not! Just remember the headaches it entails when applying for those requirements.

But, by all means, go out and get those requirements. Just do not resort to fixers!

The JuanNomad View on the Issue

A cat with its glasses.

Lazada has been in the business for eight years. Steadily rising in its game with lots of existing sellers and a large base of customers. The name is too popular nowadays. If it wants to exclude the affiliates from the picture, it can do so.

Some of you might not be aware of this, but when starting with an affiliate marketing business model, you will not get much (yet) from your efforts. It takes time and involves lots of people clicking your affiliate links before you would see significant results.

That might be the case. But you’ll still make conversions that could be in a month or more, little by little until you reach the threshold. That’s the time to expect money to come into your bank account.

But imagine if you’re Lazada and you have thousands of affiliates at that level. I bet that’s too much of a workload for your accounting department.

I think what the company is doing right now is like purging the excesses. It could be Lazada’s way of cutting its ties with affiliates of the lower tier.

Let us look from the affiliate’s point of view. If he is earning below average with the Lazada Affiliate Program, would he still bother himself with the inconvenience of getting those requirements? We might have a contrasting perspective on this. Every person has a different viewpoint.

I guess Lazada has its own issues with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). It might be just sharing the yoke with its affiliates.

To Sum it Up

After reading the facts and status of the Lazada Affiliate Program, you might still get disappointed. My suggestion, don’t be.

It’s not the end of everything!

Lots of companies are out there with more sophisticated tools and training materials for new affiliates. Don’t confine yourself to one program.

With the age of the internet, you will never run out of opportunities.

Look elsewhere. Stop focusing your attention on becoming an affiliate of Lazada.

For example, check out Involve Asia, Cuelinks, or ClickBank. You will never run out of products to sell from these affiliate programs.

Just a piece of advice before I go. Once you start something, be it affiliate marketing or whatever, stick with it!

You might not see results right away, but with consistency, patience, and persistence, you will succeed!

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